Paid Market Research opportunity for babies of 1-6 months

Blue Yonder Research are working with Beneufit to explore the natural body movements of healthy babies to inform their artificial intelligence systems. In theory, once the system can recognise the movements of healthy babies, it will be able to know when a baby is unwell or in pain.

GDPR & Privacy

Blue Yonder we comply very strictly with GDPR. Although they have your contact information from the sign-up, this will not be passed onto Beneufit, and they will see no identifying information. 

The client will receive the videos as they need to program them into their fancy systems, (which Blue Yonder do not have involvement with), as well as the information from the questions like the length of your baby, their age and gender and how long it was since you fed your baby when you took the video. This is all the information they will receive. 

If you have any questions, please email or more information will be given in the sign up survey and consent form 😊


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