Mini Professors at Home

Mini Professors @ Home is offering a LIVE small class experience via the Zoom platform.  Join in one of our amazing classes from your home!

Mini Professors and their grownups will be able to take part in our welcome song and introduction, followed by two hands-on experiments, a themed story and a bespoke 2 minute video on the lesson topic.  You’ll need a few things from around your house to join in with the experiments, and I can even supply these to make your life easier!

This half term we are finding out about Muscles, exploring why Friction slows things down, trying out some Chromatography, and even playing with Polymers!!

❤️ I’m also offering a Valentine’s special on the 13th and 14th February.  Why not join us to find out what makes up your blood and how your heart works!!  The price for this class includes the experimental kit and a little gift ❤️
Classes are most suitable for the 3-7 age bracket.  To take part, please book here:


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