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diddi dance North & Central Leeds

We were invited along by diddi dance North & Central Leeds owner Julia Grantham, to experience a taster class.  Find out what we thought here.

(*Reviewed March 2018)

Jackrabbits Pottery Tots and Pots

Our guest reviewer Charlotte and her Mini Mumbler recently went along to the Tots and Pots session at Jackrabbits Pottery. Find out what they thought here…

(Reviewed March 2019)

Magic Hour’ at I Want To Ride My Bike

My 4.5 year old Mini Mumbler has always struggled with confidence on his balance bike and ‘big boy’bike.  Whenever I talked to him about taking his stabilisers off he was adamant he couldn’t do it and he is also one very stubborn little boy, so when I saw all the Mumbler recommendations for  the Magic Hour with Dave at ‘I Want to Ride my Bike’ I thought it was definitely help I could do with.  Find out more here.

(Reviewed April 2018)

Moo Music

Mini-Mumbler and I were invited to try out a Moo Music class together.  We attended the Friday class at Adel War Memorial Hall and what a great time we had!   Moo Music classes take place at venues across North Leeds Monday – Friday.  Classes are suitable for children from birth – 5 years and they are split age appropriately.  Find out more here.

(*Reviewed June 2018)

Mumbler Reviews: Dancing Tots Summer Special

On Monday I took my four year old along to a Disney Summer Special by Dancing Tots. She loves Disney and loves dancing- so this seemed the ideal choice! 

Sarah runs Dancing Tots classes for children between 18 months and 5 years old. In addition to lots of funky dancing, the classes involve a lot of movement, games and sport, jumping, throwing, catching and kicking a ball.

The Monday class that we attended was at Alwoodley Community Hall. The class was held outside (which was a novelty itself), but this is weather permitting, and Sarah can hold the classes indoors if needed. There was a good range of ages at the class as well as a mix of genders.

On arrival we were all assigned a cone to stand next to. Children were encouraged to stay next to their cones to ensure social distancing. They all stuck to this for the duration of the class and even after activities when we moved in circles, the children happily returned to where they needed to be. Hand santiser was available, and everyone was encouraged to help themselves whenever they wanted to during the class.

The class started with a welcome dance and warm up. The music was fun and Jess loved it from the start. Sarah keeps the tone light and movements fun, and all the children enjoyed joining in. We soon moved onto our first Disney dance- to Moana. A great start, it’s one of Jess’s favourites! Sarah’s simple explanations meant even the smallest of children were able to follow.

We used scarfs for the next dance, and included throwing and catching , and playing peek-a-boo with tiger ROOOAAAARRRRRSSSSS. Unsurprisingly, this was something the children loved to do, and we were all deafened by their enthusiasm!  The next routine used shakers and was to Frozen, and Jess loved singing along. I feel this one will be repeated A LOT at home (thanks Sarah ha). In September classes, Sarah will be selling props bags for £12.50 that will include bells, shakers, coloured scarf, an animal bean bag and a dance ribbon (although the bags are not compulsory).

The movement section of the class saw Sarah setting out hoops and mats for the children to practice their jumping skills. They honestly couldn’t get enough of it! The class ended with some firm favourites (including a socially distanced hokey-cokey where it was me who got a little over-enthusiastic and yanked my daughter over aggghhhh!!!) and a goodbye. If you sign up to a course of classes you would also get a certificate of achievement at the end of each half term.

So a great class where there really is something for everyone! There are still places left for another Disney special class on Friday 28th August, as well as availability in the September classes. Please contact Sarah to book on or 07796 135199.


Mumbler Reviews Mini Professors North Leeds

Our guest reviewer Charlotte and her mini Mumbler recently went along to Mini Professors; offering fun and enjoyable science classes for preschool children. Find out what they thought here…

Mini Professors is the first science program that has been designed specifically for preschool children. As part of the WOW group that delivers the popular Baby Sensory and Toddler sense, it is dedicated to supporting learning and development, with over 70 different topics spanning a 2year period. As Emily is becoming more curious about the world, this class sounded like the perfect choice to gain a better understanding of all thing’s science.

Each session follows the same format, with two hands-on experiments, a story and a 2-minute video about the topic of the day, as well as the Mini Professor theme tune. The Mini Professors wear their own mini lab coats, have a Professor name tag, and a Science Log to fill in at the end of each week to document their learning progress.

We were warmly greeted by Caroline in her white lab coat. Emily was a little hesitant at first but quickly warmed to the idea of putting on her very own lab coat and Professor badge. Whilst everyone filtered in, we were encouraged to sit on the mini-bug mats and choose a story to read. We chose ‘Bird Builds a Nest’, which had additional scientific information included to further explain concepts such as force; in particular pulling and gravity.

Once everyone was sat down, Caroline started the session, introducing the weekly theme; Chemical Reactions. But before we got stuck in, we sang the Mini Professor theme to the tune of ‘I’m a Little Teapot’:

Science is all around us

In everything we see

It’s in you and it’s in me

When we eat our dinner

Or look up to the stars

Science is fun, the best by far!

Caroline then delved into her bag to show lots of pictures of different chemical reactions, starting with one image of cake ingredients and another image of cupcakes. She explained, in simple terms, how a chemical reaction is something which starts of as one set of things and then transforms into something else, i.e. how separate ingredients mixed together and then baked become a cake.

After a few more examples, we moved over to the tray tables for our first experiment. Mixing vinegar with salt, we took a dirty penny and dipped it into the solution. We saw how the chemicals in the solution caused the penny to lose its dull appearance and become shiny again! Emily was fully engrossed in the experiment and loved mixing the solution and dipping the penny.

After a quick washing of hands, we went back to the mats to watch a video about Chemical Reactions; further explaining and demonstrating the transformation of different substances – Emily particularly loved watching the fireworks! Caroline then read us a story further reinforcing how Chemical Reactions occur in everyday life through a series of events.

For our second experiment, we put some vinegar into a bottle and attached a balloon filled with bicarbonate of soda over the neck. By lifting the balloon up and mixing the ingredients together, the chemical reaction caused the vinegar to foam up and create lots of bubbles and gas to inflate the balloon. All the children we mesmerised by this reaction, and Emily wanted to take her balloon bottle home.

To further whet our appetite, we were treated to a larger scale version of the second experiment outside, involving a bottle of fizz and seven Mentos – the results were epic! All the children, and the grown-ups, were very impressed. The class was rounded off with ‘Science is all around us’ once more and everyone filled in their Science Logs with the week’s theme sticker.

Classes are great to feed your child’s curiosity and further exploring the world around them by learning basic scientific principles through play. Caroline is very good at explaining the science, and the experiments are simple and easy to understand, with everyday materials to recreate at home to further reinforce learning. We left the class having learnt some new things and Emily was certainly keen to learn some more.

Mini Professors classes last 40 minutes are aimed at children aged 2-5 years and take place at the following times and locations:

Thursdays at 10.30am at The Old Stables, Adel, LS16 8DW.

Mondays at 9.45am at Holy Trinity Community Hall, Memorial Drive, LS6 4LF (starting in March)

Classes cost £7 per session when you book a full term, and Caroline is currently offering 3 for 2 taster sessions when you sign up, giving you a chance to decide whether this is the class for you. There is also a half price discount for siblings.

Mini Professors is also available for parties.

To get in touch, contact Professor Caroline on 07779 302442 or email at or for more information visit their Website or Facebook Page.


*Mumbler was not paid for this review but we did receive a complimentary class. All of the comments in this review are our open and honest opinion. Published February 2020.


Number Train

Annette Peterson launched The Number Train class last year and it has received great reviews from Mumblers. Formerly a Primary School Teacher and Maths Coordinator Annette has lots of experience in teaching Maths and the best ways to engage children from an early age.  Mini Mumbler attended for the year before he started school and it increased his confidence with numbers greatly and prepared him for what was to come at school (we both found out what a numicon was!)  Find out more here.

(*Reviewed April 2018)

Pat-A-Cake Music

Pat-A-Cake Music classes consist of singing and making music together to aid children’s development at an early age, as well as to develop other key skills such as confidence, language skills, communication, gross motor skills and more.  We recently tried out a class, find out what they thought here.

(*Reviewed September 2018)

Rugby Tots Leeds, Ilkley, and Otley

My youngest Mini Mumbler is now 5 and he has been an avid attendee of Rugby Tots since the age of 2. Other classes have come and gone over this time but its the only one that he has always loved and has continued to give him the right amount of challenge and enjoyment no matter his age.  Find out more here.

(*Reviewed November 2018)

Shake Rattle and Boogie

Our guest reviewer Charlotte and her Mini Mumbler recently went along to Shake, Rattle and Boogie; a dance and music class for 0-5 year olds. Find out what they thought here.

(*Reviewed February 2019)

The ‘Hangout’ at Our Place by Boomchikkaboom

Our guest reviewer Charlotte and her Mini Mumbler visited The Hangout at Our Place, the NEW venue hosted by BOOMCHIKKABOOM. Find out what they thought here.

Tiny Tetley For Under 5’s

Tiny Tetley is a monthly creative and messy play for under 5’s at The Tetley.

We went along and would highly recommend a visit! Find out more here.

(*Reviewed March 2019)

Toddler Sense North Leeds

Our guest reviewer Charlotte and her Mini Mumbler recently went along to Toddler Sense, the next step from national award-winning Baby Sensory, offering multi-sensory and developmental adventures. Find out more here.

*Reviewed September 2019