Work with Mumbler

We reach over 50,000 parents in North Leeds each month and we pride ourselves on our advertising being effective and good value.

Our users are predominantly parents and carers in the North Leeds & Wetherby area, with 60% of users females (over 90% of our social media followers are female).

All advertising on North Leeds Mumbler is entirely flexible – people and businesses advertise with North Leeds Mumbler month in month out because it’s effective but you can do as little or as much as you can afford. Have a look at some of our advertising options here.

As a Public Health specialist working to enable children and families in Leeds to improve their health, and to address the causes of health issues that affect children and families in Leeds, I’ve found it very helpful to reach out directly to parents via the Leeds Mumbler platform. We’ve engaged directly with families to share important messages, from creative ways to stay COVID-safe at home during lockdown, to showcasing local mental wellbeing support for parents and children. Being able to reach out directly to families in Leeds is really valuable, and the Leeds Mumbler platform offers a variety of ways to do this, from blogs to banner adverts to newsletter items.

Sally, Public Health Leeds

In terms of sales, you are the jewel in our promotional crown and leading the sales this summer by a long way

Andy Taylor, Car Shades UK