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Supporting your children if they are on the Autism Spectrum or have ADHD

Evolve Psychology Services describe how they can support your children.

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Your Mumbler Questions answered by Juno's lead clinician!

Juno, a healthcare app focussed on children's health, answers your questions!

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Myopia (short sightedness) management

Simon Falk shares the importance of myopia management in children

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Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day in North Leeds with the Family 2021

There are loads of great ways to celebrate Mother's Day in and around North Leeds with the kids and plenty of special offers about too.

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Walks with great takeaway around North Leeds and Wetherby

Our Mumbler favourite places to go for a walk and visit a lovely cafe!

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K9 Nation: The Free App for Dog Owners

Introducing K9 Nation: a free app that helps to support and connect dog owners and dog businesses in the UK

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Stump Cross Caverns Launches TWO fundraisers!

If you’ve ever been to Stump Cross Caverns you’ll know how brilliant it is!  A fabulous family day out where the owners and the ...

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Valentine’s Activities for Kids: Things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Children

Valentines Day will be a family affair this year in Lockdown 3, so here are some ideas to involve the whole family! From ...

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