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Mumbler reviews Car Shades


Our Mumbler Review of Car Shades

Last year some of you long-standing Mumblers may remember the time I got ridiculously excited to go to the Car Shades factory, where they used my car as a model to create templates of car shades, and then made and fitted a pair for me. They also offered us an exclusive Mumbler discount code so you lovelies could get 10% off too! Well, you lot loved them so much that we’re working with them again this summer- and once again you can enjoy a 10% Mumbler discount off these super shades!

Until last year, my car sported some Winnie-The-Pooh stick on shades which were sooooo irritating. The kids pulled them off all the time, and when they were on you couldn’t open the windows which made them whinge. And they looked pretty naff too. To be honest they weren’t really worth the hassle of using them. And then we got these Car Shades.

Basically I love them. With these bad boys you can put the windows down without them popping off, you can enjoy a nice breeze without being attacked by midgies or waspies flying in AND the kids cant throw any ice cream out the window at passers-by. In fact, even though these shades cost more than the naff stick-on ones, I’d maybe more compare them to a better and MUCH cheaper alternative to tinted windows. So it’s win win actually. They have UV Protection and anti-glare, they’re easy to fit (just using clips) and there’s FREE UK Delivery. They’re just a great way to keep any kids or pets cool in the back. I’ve popped some pictures below. As you can see they fit all rear windows perfectly and even provide the shades for those irritating little pointless windows at the back- your whole back area is covered!

Some of the other selling points;

  • Edge-to-edge design means no dazzling gaps
  • Reduces light coming through a window by 72%
  • You can still wind the rear passenger windows down whilst the Car Shades are in place
  • Let the air in and keep the bugs out
  • Easy to install at home
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Made in the UK
  • A cost-effective alternative to window tints
  • Winner of Mother & Baby Best Travel Accessory 2022
  • Made for over 800 different cars
  • 10% off with code MUMBLER10 · Find your Car Shades at

Get in touch if you have any questions- I’m more than happy to share our thoughts. And enjoy your summer days out!

They are kindly offering our Mumblers a 10% Discount code to use – “Mumbler10” at the checkout

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Disclaimer: Mumbler was asked to review Car Shades and was gifted a full car pack for this work, however, all comments are from myself and are an honest and accurate account of us testing them out.