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Antenatal & Birth Preparation Classes

Birth Preparation & Antenatal classes in North Leeds including traditional antenatal classes in North Leeds, Paediatric First Aid, support services, hypnobirthing and consultancy services.


Did you know that hypnobirthing can help you have a smoother, more comfortable, straightforward birth? It helps you have the birth you want, but it’s powerful for ALL births.

I’m here to support you and your birth partner feel confident and prepared for giving birth to your baby.


Join me and learn:

  • Tools and techniques to help you feel relaxed and calm during birth.
  • What to expect during birth.
  • How to really work with your body.
  • Lots of useful, practical information.
  • Your options for labour and birth (so that you feel informed if things do go off-plan).
  • How to be a great birth partner!

I’m Rebecca, a qualified hypnobirthing teacher, and I’ve had the pleasure of supporting families all over Leeds (and beyond) to have a positive birth. I run monthly online and in-person classes (group and private) and offer a calm caesarean course if you’re planning an elective caesarean birth.

I also teach pay-as-you-go pregnancy relaxation classes, and I’m a 3-Step Rewind Practitioner (an effective way to move forward from previous birth trauma). Classes are held at the Meeting House in Adel.

If you’d like to find out more before booking a course with me, I run a free online session every month – I’d love to meet you!
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Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to prepare you for parenthood, with antenatal classes from Blooming Babies. Informative, engaging and fun, they’re designed to provide you with all the information and support you need to plan for the later stages of pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn baby.

All Antenatal classes are run by Annie Robinson, a practising midwife with decades of experience – so you can be sure that you’re getting a top quality course, and accurate, up to date information.

Blooming Babies antenatal courses cover a range of topics related to pregnancy, labour, childbirth and caring for your baby.

During the weekend couples course, you’ll cover: 

• What happens during labour & birth. The mechanics of labour.
• How to manage your labour and discuss your options and birth choices
• What kinds of pain relief are available during labour
• Breastfeeding
• Feeding by bottle
• Caring for your baby
• Bathing your baby
• Becoming new parents
• What to expect following your baby’s arrival
You’ll also get a chance to ask plenty of questions and to share information with other parents in a friendly, welcoming environment.

For additional information about Antenatal classes, please get in touch. Alternatively, book your place today. Welcome to attend from around 28 weeks of your pregnancy.

Antenatal classes in Harrogate (Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre) Sundays 9.30am-4pm (Monthly)
Antenatal classes in Guiseley ( Nuffield Guiseley) Saturday and Sunday afternoon courses 1pm-4pm (Monthly)
Private One to One Antenatal classes available in your home on request.

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Develop the confidence and vital life-saving skills needed to protect your child in an emergency situation, with paediatric first aid training from Blooming Babies.

Classes are run by Annie, a qualified nurse who specialised in A&E nursing and practising midwife with decades of experience. The course is suitable for parents, grandparents, extended family members and professionals involved in the care of babies or young children.

The Blooming Babies Paediatric First Aid course covers a range of basic first aid skills. You’ll learn how to react in a range of emergency and health situations, including when a baby or child:

• Is unresponsive or not breathing
• Has suffered a head injury
• Is choking or has swallowed something harmful
• Is having an asthma attack
• Is having an extreme allergic reaction
• Is having a febrile convulsion (Fitting)
• Is suffering from hypothermia
• Is bleeding
• Maybe showing symptoms of meningitis
• Is burnt or scalded
• Has an injury to any part of the body
• Is suffering from sickness or a fever
• Is drowning
  • Paediatric First Aid in Guiseley – evenings and weekends (Not a regular date) 2 hour courses – Includes a Paediatric First Aid book
  • Paediatric First Aid in Boston Spa – evening and weekends (Not a regular date) 2 hour courses – Includes a Paediatric First Aid book
  • Paediatric First Aid in Bramhope – evening and weekends (Not a regular date) 2 hour courses – Includes a Paediatric First Aid book
  • Private Paediatric First Aid courses available in your home – (Groups – minimum of 6 and maximum of 10)
  • Paediatric First Aid courses on zoom – (Maximum of 8 screens)
For more details on classes please visit the Blooming Babies website

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As midwives, we have worked hard to create dynamic, personal, fun and interactive classes and are thrilled by the reviews they are receiving.
If you are 28 weeks pregnant and beyond, our Simply Birth, Midwifery taught classes will help prepare you both physically and emotionally for your journey of labour, birth and caring for your new born baby, enabling you to embrace labour and parenthood without fearing it!
You can choose from a range of class options from our comprehensive antenatal course (inclusive of our infant feeding session), a refresher class if you are parents already and desire a shorter course, or attend our stand alone infant feeding class without the labour and birth preparation. There are also options for bespoke and private classes if you desire.
Check out our Facebook reviews and the testimonial page on our website and click to enquire re. booking onto one of our course/class options, or message Simply Birth by Anna on Facebook.
We look forward to helping you prepare for your journey to come, Anna and Becky
*COMING SOON – Baby Massage*’

07305 338990
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Hey I’m Meg AKA The Dungaree Doula, I’m a 5* rated birth preparation and hypnobirthing teacher, a birth and postnatal doula, pregnancy yoga teacher and workshop facilitator trained in babywearing, safe sleep, breastfeeding, closing the bones massage, weaning on to solids, potty training, cloth nappies and much more! I’m also a mum to 2 wild gals so I know the score.

I offer a variety of workshops to suit wherever you are at in your pregnancy or parenting journey, work with me online as part of a group or in person at your own home or mine.

I’m passionate about changing the narrative around birth, but in a realistic way. My courses are informative, science based and practical but also fun and engaging. They’re also affordable, I offer pay what you can afford birth preparation courses with no questions asked as I believe this vital information should be accessible to everyone and there are payment plans available for all of my other offerings.

Workshops I run monthly:

  • Pay as you can birth preparation and hypnobirthing
  • Preparing to breastfeed
  • Preparing for postpartum
  • Weaning on to solids
  • Pregnancy relaxation sessions
  • Preparing to potty train

I also run bi-monthly full birth preparation and hypnobirthing group courses and pregnancy yoga classes and I take on private clients for all of the above.

You can click here to book on to any of my workshops :

Head to my website to find out more about me, or book a free 30 minute consultation via the “book online” page if you’d like to work together privately in any capacity:

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope to work together soon.

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Amanda Wardle Private Midwife

Private Midwife and Antenatal/Hypnobirthing teacher with over 30 years experience.
I am available for one-off clinical visits through to full packages of antenatal, birth and postnatal care.
I also offer antenatal and hypnobirthing courses – privately and group sessions.

Amanda 07828315622

Baby Steps: Leeds NHS

For anyone with additional requirements or anxieties about pregnancy, we offer Baby Steps – talk to your midwife about attending this course.


BabyNatal is not about selling you a certain ‘way’ of caring for your baby – our classes are unbiased and we are here to support you to explore your options, to learn skills and decide how YOU want to care for your baby. You can attend BabyNatal workshops as part of a group, or as a private session in the comfort of your own home.  Tel: 07879 274433

Bean 2 Baby

Bean2Baby offer antenatal, baby and first aid classes to any family, whether this is your first baby or fifth! Our ethos is about CHOICE – We know all families are different and we will guide you through the choices available so you can work out what is right for you, your family, your pregnancy and your baby.

Tel: 07879 274433

BirthPrep Antenatal Classes

We offer antenatal classes with an experienced midwife.Our antenatal classes are for everyone whether this is your first baby or you have had a baby before.

The sessions are relaxed and informal so that you feel comfortable to get the most out of them. We want to give you the information and confidence to make decisions about your labour and birth.

Tel: 07857295902


Coaching to thrive in parenthood

Hello wonderful Mothers! I’m a highly trained and certified coach offering you the opportunity to make space for your own needs and ambitions. I’ll help you find balance, confidence, and energy, and support you in more efficiently reaching the career, physical and/or family goals that are right for you.

Emily Smith Family Support Services

I support parents towards a positive experience of birth and early parenting, through group hypnobirthing courses, and private antenatal education packages which can be designed to a family’s specific requirements. I’d love to hear from you, and be honoured to support you as you prepare for a new family member!
Parents can contact me in lots of ways – through Facebook (emilysfamilysupport), Instagram (emilysfamilysupport), or my website (

Family Dynamic

I’m a Parent Consultant offering workshops, consultations and groups for parents to be and new parents. The topics I cover include weaning, baby sleep, Preparing for Baby (Baby Care etc), calming your baby, newborn workshop and much more. Basically, I talk and do all things baby in the first year to help parents to have a calmer first year and start into parenthood. Becoming a parent is tough and I’m here to help.

Contact: Leonie at

Inspired Birth: Hypnobirthing

‘feel empowered for life through a positive birth experience’

Inspired Birth offers a complete birth preparation program through hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing teaches the physiology of birth, breathing & relaxation techniques alongside self-hypnosis to be used during labour. This knowledge & understanding help to remove any fear & allow for a calm & safe birth.

Call Ruth on 07738593175.

10% discount when quoting NORTH LEEDS MUMBLER 

Leeds Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal experience that will help you to have the best possible birth for you and your baby. You will learn about the physiology of birth and how to work with your body, along with hypnosis to facilitate positive change and deep relaxation techniques. Group and private classes are available. Suitable from 20 – 36 weeks

Tel: 07766082595

NCT Leeds

Prepare for the birth of your baby with the most experienced and most popular provider of antenatal classes. Make sure you have all the basics of pregnancy, birth and early parenting covered, with an NCT essentials antenatal course

Tel: 020 8752 9130.

Parent Prep

Having a baby? Come and prepare for parenthood in an informal and fun environment with Parent Prep.  Sessions run by an experienced midwife and teacher team who aim to support you and put you in control of your birth experience.  Find us on Facebook and Twitter @parentprepuk

Contact Caroline – 07730 655701

Positive Birth Leeds

Positive Birth Leeds offers logical and empowering hypnobirthing antenatal education to help you make informed and confident birth choices that are right for you. Group and private 1:1 courses delivered by FEDANT registered, qualified hypnobirthing teacher Charlotte Watson DipHB(KGH).

Visit, @positivebirthleeds on Instagram/Facebook or call 07821573860 for more information.

Positive Birth Movement – Leeds

Positive Birth Groups FREE to access, and POSITIVE about birth.

They are a place for ALL pregnant families – regardless of their background, experience or choices – to come together and share experiences, thoughts, feelings and insight about childbirth. There is often also tea and cake! We aim to meet on the third Sunday of each month at a venue in North Leeds. Please email: for more info

Pregnancy In Mind

Pregnancy in Mind: Supporting parents during pregnancy and the first year after birth.

For anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, or other emotional health issues – talk to your midwife about attending this course.

Pregnancy in Mind has 2 core elements:

  • An antenatal group intervention delivered by professionals during the middle trimester of pregnancy
  • A peer support programme delivered by a team of volunteers and a volunteer manager that takes place both in pregnancy and across the first year after birth.

Pregnancy Relaxation Class (Online)

Get your PJs on, get into bed or curled on the sofa, and spend an hour feeling positive about birth, focusing on relaxation and connect with your baby. Also learn something to help you prepare for birth too.

The classes are every Wednesday at 8pm, pay-as-you-go, £4. Content will rotate every seven weeks. Suitable from your first scan right up until you give birth (never too early to start feeling positive about birth).

More info and booking at:

Preparation For Birth & Beyond: Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

An Antenatal class run by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust for all first-time parents. Contact your local Children’s Centre to book a place.

The Mother Hut

My name is Aimee; I have worked with over 100 couples across West and North Yorkshire this last year alone. My absolute goal is to inform you of your birthing choices and to prepare you for an experience you will feel in control of.

All courses include a set of MP3’s from Yorkshire’s leading Hypnobirthing Trainer, a detailed course workbook, a bag of amazing goodies and support for as long as you need it. I teach group and private courses.

Tel: 07944 436955

This is My – Leeds Screening Centre

Private midwife consultations and classes in Leeds are delivered in an informal, relaxed atmosphere within a private medical centre. They are designed to be interactive with questions and answers and include discussions surrounding many pregnancy and childbirth issues addressed by qualified professionals. Tuesday evenings 6.45pm – 9.00pm

93 Water Lane, Leeds, LS11 5QN. Tel: 0113 262 1675