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The Calm Mama Co Hypnobirthing

At The Calm Mama Co we believe that no matter what your dream birth may look like, be that a planned caesarean or a home birth, everyone should be excited for birth.

Offering group, private and intense courses in a variety of locations including the comfort of your own home, there is something suitable for any schedule.

The Calm Mama Co hypnobirthing courses are not your standard antenatal classes. The courses teach expectant mamas and their birth partners the techniques to help remain calm and positive through labour and birth, how to use your voice when it comes to what you want and don’t want and full antenatal education. Using powerful breathing techniques, a positive mindset and empowering mp3s, The Calm Mama Co gives you the education to face birth in a confident and informed manner.

Included with The Calm Mama Co courses is the glorious Calm Mama preparation box, chocked full of gifts to help you relax and take care of you and your baby bump. You’ll also receive ongoing support from Jessica and the opportunity to attend postnatal walks and coffee mornings with other mamas and babies.

What more are you waiting for, get in touch today to start your journey to a calm, positive birth!

Head to our website for more details at

The Calm Mama Co Founder

Amanda Wardle

Would you like to know how to achieve a safer, easier and more natural comfortable birth?
With over 25 years experience as a midwife, Amanda will teach you the art of using your own natural birthing instincts and how to trust your body and work with it, to achieve a wonderful calm birthing experience.

Tel: 07828315622

Bespoke Birthing

Whether you’re considering becoming parents for the first time, are first time parents or expectant parents, we have a solution to make this emotional time safe, enjoyable and exciting.

Fully private, bespoke midwifery care: antenatal, birth and postnatal, including blood tests and scans. We offer you guidance and support throughout your journey, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tel: 07725 400 995

Calm and Collected

The Calm & Collected Therapies hypnobirthing program aims to dispel any negative fears or myths you may have regarding your pregnancy.  Help you feel calm and relaxed throughout your pregnancy and learn to trust your body and your instincts.

Tel: 07971885160, Chapel Allerton

Cheryl Mason

Cheryl Mason has extensive experience in nursing, midwifery and pain management teams within the NHS. She is also qualified in other complementary therapies and often treatments involve a blend of Acupuncture, Hypnosis and Therapeutic Massage / Body work techniques to suit the needs of the individual.

She has trained both with the famous Zita West National Network for Reproductive Health and has seen referrals from Zita West’s London Clinic.

She also teaches HypnoBirthing® and includes Acupressure Massage / Active Birth Workshops in these classes to women and their birth partners to facilitate an easier and more enjoyable experience of childbirth

Tel: 07989 215739

Hypnobirthing at Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Community Centre

Run by Gill and Jane, practicing midwives for over 20 years.

Hypnobirthing helps you remain positive and focused during pregnancy – releasing fears of childbirth, and in some cases, totally removing pains during labour.

Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Community Centre, 311 Stonegate Road, Leeds, LS17 6AZ.

Dates vary. Please contact for more details.

Gill Firth 07779504498/ Jane Gavin 07736054369

Inspired Birth: Hypnobirthing

‘feel empowered for life through a positive birth experience’

Inspired Birth offers a complete birth preparation program through hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing teaches the physiology of birth, breathing & relaxation techniques alongside self-hypnosis to be used during labour. This knowledge & understanding help to remove any fear & allow for a calm & safe birth.

Call Ruth on 07738593175.

10% discount when quoting NORTH LEEDS MUMBLER 

Leeds Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal experience. It teaches you to trust your body and allows you to focus on the best possible birth for your baby.

You will learn about the physiology of birth and how to work with your body, along with deep relaxation techniques. Every woman should have the right birth for them and their baby, and that they have a positive birth experience, every time.

Call Steph Heald 07766 082595

Leeds Hypnotherapy Academy

Gill Firth and Jane Gavin have been practicing midwives for over 20 years and share a passion for helping women have the best experience they can at the birth of their baby.  Having witnessed women using hypnobirthing techniques and the difference it made to their birth experience, both were inspired to train with Katharine Graves at the hypnobirthing centre and are accredited as hypnobirthing practitioners.

Tel: 07779504498/ 07736054369

My Baby Bubble Hypnobirthing

My Baby Bubble is a full antenatal course that will guide you through your birthing choices and prepare you for a calm and positive birth experience.

Tel Aimee on 07944 436955


Rheapregnancy offers antenatal hypnobirthing classes, pregnancy massage and reflexology in Leeds city centre. Hypnobirthing allows you to experience the magic of birth and puts you in charge of your pregnancy and birth. As a midwife, Carolina is a strong believer in a gentle, natural and holistic approach to pregnancy and birth and with hypnobirthing, pregnancy massage and reflexology. Rheapregnancy’s aim is to help women and couples during their journey of pregnancy and to the amazing experience of becoming parents.

For more details contact Carolina on 07587876283

Val Watson

Val feels passionate about empowering women to have the best possible birth for them and believe that by teaching Natal Hypnotherapy courses she can help you on the journey towards a positive birth experience.

Tel: 07852 442637

Wise Woman Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation

Susan, an experienced Midwife and KG Hypnobirthing teacher offering relaxing,empowering birth preparation classes throughout pregnancy.

Tel: 07860 191652